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What will happen in the Great Tribulation?

1. Rev. 4:1-2. John, symbol of the church is taken to Heaven.

2. Daniel 9:27 Antichrist signs a covenant for 7 years with Israel. This begins the Great Tribulation.

3. Rev. 6:1-2. 1st seal judgment: rider on a white horse (Antichrist) promises world peace and establishes his one-world government.

4. Rev. 6:3-4. 2nd seal judgment: introduces a great world war.

5. Rev. 6:5-6. 3rd seal judgment: ushers in famine (aftermath of war).

6. Rev. 6:7-8. 4th seal judgment: outcome of this war is death of 1/4 of the world population, probably more than a billion people.

7. Rev. 6:9-11. 5th seal judgment: introduces martyrdom of those converted by the preaching of the 144,000 Jewish witnesses described in Chapter 7. MANY will receive Christ but will be killed by the government leader and the Harlot (chapter 17). Evangelism will be in the hands of the Jews in the Tribulation.

8. Rev. 6:12-17. 6th seal judgment: displays God’s wrath (righteous anger). God will produce an earthquake such as has never been seen before; so terrible people pray for rocks to fall on them.

9. Rev. 8:1-5. 7th seal judgment: introduces the "Seven Trumpet Judgments" which ends the first quarter of the Tribulation period and prepares for a worse period to come.

10. Rev. 8:7. 1st trumpet judgment: 1/3 of all trees and grass will be burned up by hail, fire, and blood cast upon the Earth.

11. Rev. 8:8-9. 2nd trumpet judgment: a great mountain of sulfur falls into the seas, destroying 1/3 of all the living creatures in it and the ships in the sea.

12. Rev. 8:10-11. 3rd trumpet judgment: a huge star or meteor called "wormwood" (bitter) falls on all fresh waters, poisoning the waters. Millions die.

13. Rev. 8:12. 4th trumpet judgment: God causes the sun, moon and stars to produce 1/3 less light, causing a depressing darkness.

14. Rev. 8: 13. A special angel flies around the Earth, warning much worse is yet to come.

15. Rev. 9: 1-12. 5th trumpet judgment: Hideous demon-like creatures like scorpions or locusts are freed from the bottomless pit. They do not have power to kill, only to torture, so badly, that people will beg to die, but death will not come.

16. Rev. 9:13. 6th trumpet judgment: 200,000,000 horsemen (demon possessed death angels) kill 1/3 of all people on Earth which probable occurs between the 40th and 42nd month of the first part of the Tribulation. This will bring the world population down to about 50 %.

17. Rev. 11:3-14. Two supernatural Witnesses appear and prophesy for 1,260 days.

18. Rev. 11:15. 7th trumpet judgment: introduces some tremendous events that take place in chapters 12-18, and will bring on the worst judgments yet; the vial judgments.

19. Rev. 17:1-18. Describes the destruction of the "Harlot" (false religious system), which merges ALL the religions of the world during the first half of the Tribulation (which will easily take place after the true church, born again believers, are raptured or taken to Heaven). The Harlot will be so powerful, it dominates both Antichrist (the beast) and the ten kings at that time. But, because this false church is hated so much by the Antichrist, he will make war on her and completely destroy her.

20. Rev.13: 1-3. During the process of killing the Harlot (Mystery Babylon), Antichrist receives a "deadly wound" that is miraculously healed. It seems he comes back to life again (imitating our Lord Jesus). Some think when Satan is cast down from Heaven (chapter 12), where he has been "the accuser of the brethren," he now resurrects Antichrist to an even more vicious life.

21. Rev. 13: 4-10. Antichrist, now resurrected, forces everyone on the whole Earth to worship him and him alone.

22. Rev. 13:11-18. The False Prophet will now replace the slain religious system (the Harlot), forcing everyone to worship the Antichrist and his image or be killed. Everyone will be compelled to receive Antichrist’s mark (666), in order to hold a job, buy, sell, go to a doctor or hospital, etc. Anyone who takes a stand for Christ and refuses the mark will be killed. But once anyone accepts this mark, they are doomed for Hell. God turns His back on all with Antichrist’s mark.

23. Rev. 16:1-2. 1st vial judgment: huge, terrible, agonizing sores break out on all who reject Christ, on all those who accept the 666 mark.

24. Rev. 16:3. 2nd vial judgment: is poured out on the sea, turning it to "blood as of a dead man" and every living creature in the sea died.

25. Rev. 16:4. 3rd vial judgment: will turn rivers and fresh waters to blood.

26. Rev. 16:8-9. 4th vial judgment: will intensify the sun’s heat so drastically that ungodly men will blaspheme the Name of God.

27. Rev. 16:10-11. 5th vial judgment: causes darkness to engulf the throne of the Antichrist and his entire kingdom. The sores will continue relentlessly, producing such agony that people will gnaw their tongues because of the excruciating pain. They will still persist in blaspheming God, and refuse to repent.

28. Rev. 16:13-16. 6th vial judgment: sends lying demon spirits to rulers of the world, causing them all to unite at "the battle of that great day of God Almighty" (better known as the Battle of Armageddon).

29. Rev. 16:17-21. 7th vial judgment: results in the righteous judgment of Almighty God that destroys the entire world system. It judges ALL unsaved people to the extreme. There will be a terrible earthquake; there has never been such an earthquake since the creation of human beings worse than this! Huge hailstones, each weighing as much as a hundred pounds, will fall from the sky on people, who will curse God because of the plague of hail. Even though people know it is God who is in total control, they still refuse to repent and turn to Him.

30. Rev. 18:1-24. The destruction of commercial and governmental Babylon. This possibly happens during the 7th vial judgment (verse 19), just before the Earth’s final judgment. The rule of Antichrist comes to an end (total collapse), but it paves the way for the last event. The best is yet to come!

31. Rev.19:11-21. The awesome and glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, coming in great power as King of kings and Lord of lords to set up His 1000 year reign!

Yes! Come, Lord Jesus, come!


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