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Welcome to our website

The World is a Big Mess 

What some see as only common occurrences, others see as signs of the end times! 

Natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, drought, fires, landslides

Man-made disasters: nuclear, pollution, war, murder, rape, economic collapse, famine.

Unusual events: mass animal deaths, meteor strikes, massive solar flares, strange sounds, strange lights in the sky, sink holes

Excessive events: train crashes, plane crashes, bus crashes, explosions, mass murders, bridge collaspes, evil acts, violence

Social values: lust, greed, self, pleasure, money, idols, acceptance, political correctness

Social beliefs: evolution, big bang, man = god, many ways to Heaven, no Hell, no Heaven, no sin

Social views: Jesus is not God, Christianity is evil, Islam peaceful, right is wrong, wrong is right, Jews are evil, all views are correct, Bible is symbolic.

We do not see all that is happening in the world today.  We all do not see all the signs of the times.  Many refuse to place these events into Bible prophecy.  WHY??? Because many are blinded to the truth, and many do NOT want to see. They NEVER think of eternity! But, my friend, there are those who are born-again Christians who do not see things the same way either. 

Christians are on a path to righteousness and holiness.  While on this path we grow, or should grow in the Lord, increasing our faith, increasing our discernment.  God gives knowledge, wisdom, insight and reveals to us things which others may not see. We all do not have the same gifts or the same ability of using and understanding of the gifts that God gives to us, and we are all at different levels in our faith, and in our understanding.

Gay marriage did not just happen overnight.  It has taken years of political correctness and acceptance of the masses in favor of gay rights, leading to gay marriage.  The masses have been desensitized and programmed over the years through the use of television shows, movies and books among other things.

While many of the events happening daily may seem to some to be just another event to most, while to others with insight it is a sign of the Biblical end times.  Do NOT discount what someone is telling you just because you do not see it as they do, Always test it against the Word of God.  Test ALL things.  Study the Scriptures. Pray about it. Do NOT quench the Spirit!  Let the Holy Spirit always be your Guide!

My friend, the time is soon coming for the Lord to spread His wrath upon the world.  Time in nearing for the rapture of the church. It is time to save lost souls while we still can! Tomorrow may be too late for them!

Can you see the signs?  They are speaking loud and clear! BEWARE! The Time is Near!

They Signs Are ALL Here!

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The BIBLE has the answer